• Here Are All the Tapes You Want

    In ordinary life, the value of tape is limited to “the adhesion of things”, and may be devalued because the viscosity is not enough to achieve the desired effect. But in the different industries, we are in different kinds of tape can make their mark in one world. What kind of tape do ...
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  • Do Building Beauty Joints Need Masking Tape?

     Fujian YOUYI Tape has been focusing on building beauty stitching masking tape for 30 years. The masking tape is mainly made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue. The masking paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the other side is coated with anti-sticking material. And ma...
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  • How to Choose PVC Electrical Tapes?

    How to choose PVC electrical tape specifications? The specifications of each brand manufacturer are different; the specifications produced are different. The length of electrical tape is generally 10 yards and 20 yards, and the conventional width is 18mm and 20mm. When purchasing electrical tape...
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  • What is adhesive tape called?

    In 1928 in St. Paul, Minnesota, Richard Drew invented Scotch tape. Tape can be divided into the high-temperature tape, double-sided tape, insulating tape, special tape, pressure-sensitive tape, and die-cutting tape according to its function. Different functions are suitable for different industry...
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  • Electrical Tape

    Electrical Tape

    The full name of electrical tape is polyvinyl chloride electrical insulating adhesive tape, and some people call it electrical insulating tape or insulating tape. basic introduction Abbreviated as: PVC electrical tape, PVC tape, etc. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, c...
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  • What is Covering Tape Used For?

    Covering Tape, a type of covering product, is mainly used for covering paint, covering paint and interior decoration when painting automobiles, ships, trains, cabs, furniture, etc. According to the product manufacturing process, the temperature environment of the paint after spraying is different...
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  • High barrier recyclable PP bags from Innovia Films for German snack brand Wildcorn

    For its baked popcorn snacks, Berlin-based Wildcorn uses high-barrier, multilayer laminated polypropylene film that can be recycled in countries with recycling infrastructure to receive the material. German snack maker Wildcorn has released 100% recyclable packaging for its Wildcorn range of orga...
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  • A Few Tips for Opening Cans Easily

    A Few Tips for Opening Cans Easily

    Is the lid too tight to open? These tips make children take off it easily. In dailylife, many foods are packed in glass jars, such as beef sauce, canned yellow peach etc. These things are delicious, but in order to prolong the shelf life of canned food, the air inside is vacuumed, and then the ro...
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  • Home Standing | Storage Artifact, Universal Strong Nano Double-sided Adhesive

    Home Standing | Storage Artifact, Universal Strong Nano Double-sided Adhesive

    When it comes to storage, the simplest storage tools that everyone thinks of must be various storage boxes, storage cabinets, storage boxes, and more may be associated with a multi-purpose telescopic rod. In fact, in life, there are many clever gadgets. For those unfamil...
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