• What Does Amazon’s Hot-selling Tape Look Like?

    What Does Amazon’s Hot-selling Tape Look Like?

    Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty – 1.18” x 10 FT Removable Multipurpose Strong Stick Clear Mounting Tape Reusable Wall Tape Strips Transparent Tape Poster Carpet Tape for Paste Items,Household [HIGH QUALITY DOUBLE SIDED TAPE] Made from the premium acrylic-gel. Our transparent mounting tape is ...
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  • Silicon Masking Tape

    Silicon Masking Tape

    Composition of adhesive tape: Silicon masking paper adhesive tape is made of corrugated paper (masking paper) and coated with Silicone (Silicone glue) Feature:Smooth surface, good pliability,excellent adhesive strength good resistance to Solvent and oil no residue It is generally beige or white ...
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  • What is Use of BOPP Tape?

    What is Use of BOPP Tape?

    It's a pity that every family has transparent tape, which is only used to stick things. Although the BOPP tape is a small piece, it has many wonderful functions you can't imagine. 1. Drilling When dr...
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  • What are the Common Tapes Used in the Packaging Industry?

    What are the Common Tapes Used in the Packaging Industry?

    Tape is a common consumable for packaging and printing companies. Different kinds of tapes are needed in the processes of cardboard thread joining, plate sticking, printing press dusting, box punching machine, sealing, and packaging to meet the needs of the respective sc...
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  • The masking tape is more complicated than you think!

    The masking tape is more complicated than you think!

    Do you know about some small things in life? For example, adhesive tape is widely used in our daily life and work. I believe you have some experience. With the diversification of customers' demand and use of adhesive tape, various kinds of adhesive tape have appeared in ...
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  • How to use the masking correctly

    How to use the masking correctly

    The masking tape is widely used in life, as people’s demand for tape is becoming more and more widespread, there are a variety of uses of tape paper on the market, the following is the specific use of masking tape! 1、 The use of masking tape, should keep the surface of the sticky object cl...
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  • Here Are All the Tapes You Want

    In ordinary life, the value of tape is limited to “the adhesion of things”, and may be devalued because the viscosity is not enough to achieve the desired effect. But in the different industries, we are in different kinds of tape can make their mark in one world. What kind of tape do ...
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  • Do Building Beauty Joints Need Masking Tape?

     Fujian YOUYI Tape has been focusing on building beauty stitching masking tape for 30 years. The masking tape is mainly made of masking paper and pressure-sensitive glue. The masking paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the other side is coated with anti-sticking material. And ma...
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  • How to Choose PVC Electrical Tapes?

    How to choose PVC electrical tape specifications? The specifications of each brand manufacturer are different; the specifications produced are different. The length of electrical tape is generally 10 yards and 20 yards, and the conventional width is 18mm and 20mm. When purchasing electrical tape...
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